What is a VFF-Friday photo?

What is a VFF-Friday photo?

Posted on May 30, 2012 by cindy in Fun

A VFF-Friday photo is simply a photo that shows the world what you enjoy doing in your Five Fingers. It should show a story and tell us how you like to spend your time in your favorite shoes. For some people, it’s hiking, some running, some just everyday casual wear. Simply taking a shot of your feet on an ugly carpet, cement/asphalt sidewalk, wooden floor, doesn’t tell a story and isn’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

VFF-Friday Photo - Good vs Bad examples

Personally, I enjoy wearing my Five Fingers in almost every activity. This has included things like hiking through Arches National Park in Utah, you know, on slick rock, through desert heat (100+ temps) in my Komodosport LS. I’ve wandered through the Imperial Palace Garden in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve biked miles and miles and miles along various streets, paths, trails, and in many parks, in my KSOs. I have walked the streets of NYC and the paths of Central park in my Bikila LS.

Charles River, Boston, MA

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Bay, Tokyo, Japan

Arches National Park

Delicate Arch, Utah

Next up is Maui, Hawai’i for me. I just have to decide which pairs of VFFs to bring with me 😉 And you bet, there will be VFF-Friday photos taken!

So where’s your VFF-Friday photo? What story would you like to share? Where have you been? What have you done in your Vibram Five Fingers?