Removing the Stank

The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to clean your shoes.

If you wear VFFs every day, you should probably clean them at least once per week. If you wear socks with them, your shoes shouldn’t stink as much as wearing it “barefoot” so use your own judgement. With that in mind, let’s learn how to clean them!

Your Five Fingers are machine washable! Wonderful, right? This is what Vibram suggests you do:

  1. Use gentle, warm water cycle with liquid or powdered detergent.
  2. Hang to air dry.

If you have leather ones (KSO Trek, Performa, Moc, Bormio, etc), DO NOT dry it in direct sunlight and keep it away from any heat source because the leather may shrink. Even non-leather ones should not be dried via sun or dryer. Just air dry them!

If the recommended cleaning option from Vibram does not help you remove that dirty stank from your VFFs, have no fear! Fans from all over have come up with alternative methods that have worked for them but please use at your own risk ­čÖé I will not be buying anyone new Vibrams if anything happens.

Here are the 2 most popular and most convenient ways. Both products should be very easy to find in stores:

  • Efferdent denture cleaner (use however many tablets the job calls for, soak for few hours, rinse, air dry, etc)
  • Oxiclean (┬áDilute by 1/3, with a soak in warm water for a few minutes, rinse, air dry)

To prevent stank from building up, you can use pre-treatment methods such as:

  • baking soda
  • powder (like Gold Bond)
  • sprays (like Febreeze)